--- Nov. 18, 2016 ---

Sorry for the long wait for an update! I've moved twice since the last update and hatched quite a few adorable little snoots! I still have a lot of stuff to update on the site, but the Collection page is up-to-date, though I have a few pictures to add.

--- Dec. 12, 2013 ---

Finally updated the Incubator page! I'll try to update the Available page soon. In the meantime, feel free to e-mail me about the babies I've hatched this year. Most will be for sale!

--- July 27, 2013 ---

Wow, long time, no update! Sorry about that!

Anyway, Ti and Mo's eggs hatched a couple weeks ago. Five healthy babies (and one was a roll-out)! Doesn't look like Mo has anything genetic going on, which is disappointing, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Besides, Helium laid seven (!!!) eggs, and Bitey laid eight. Those two clutches are five weeks into incubation and looking good.

I also have two bearded dragon eggs from one of my girls in the incubator, and they should hatch a little before the two python clutches. Hmm, maybe I should put pics of my other reptiles up here on the site somewhere, even though they're not snakes....

There have been lots of updates to the Available page, though the weights still need to be updated.

--- January 26, 2013 ---

Updated the Incubator, Available, and Links pages.

--- October 24, 2012 ---

The 2012 and 2011 available pages have been updated with new photos!

I've started thinking about next year, and I'm pretty sure I know whom I'm going to pair. Molybdenum didn't go last year despite locking many times, but I think she has follicles already. She's either really late or really early! I've already started pairing her again, so we'll see!

--- August 24, 2012 ---

All clutches have hatched, finally! The season didn't end on the high note I was hoping for. My Lesser × Mojave clutch did not produce a long-awaited blue-eyed leucistic. Ah, well. Odds on the other clutches were pretty good, and all the babies seem healthy, so I can't complain!

I will continue to update the Available page as the babies grow, though I probably won't update here every time I do so.

As of now, it looks like I will be vending at the Tucson Reptile Show, so keep an eye out if you decide to attend!

--- July 18, 2012 ---

Since the last update, Europium laid nine beautiful eggs and Uranium laid four (not including four slugs, ugh). Irulan's clutch is ready to go and is up in the Available section!

--- May 23, 2012 ---

Beryllium laid five gorgeous little eggs yesterday! We have three weeks to go until Irulan's eggs hatch and Europium lays her own clutch.

I updated the plots in the Research section, and I added a page under Information about identifying reptile parasites.

--- April 17, 2012 ---

Irulan just laid her eggs! Whoohoo! And I'm pretty sure Beryllium had her pre-lay shed! There's a chance Europium has ovulated, but honestly, I expected her ovulation to be more obvious, so I could easily be mistaken. At the last minute, I decided to breed Bitey (Iodine) again since she's more than regained her weight from last year and seems completely ready. Uranium is glowing like crazy; she'll likely be the fifth clutch of the year. Molybdenum is still uncertain, and because it's been so long since she's eaten, I'm putting her pairing on hold for now.

--- February 24, 2012 ---

Breeding season is in full swing here! Irulan just had her pre-lay shed, so she should be laying around late March/early April! Europium is glowing like crazy and Beryllium has huge follicles, so those two should be next. (Bromine, who may not have been locking with Beryllium before, finally had a confirmed lock last week.) Uranium and Molybdenum, while breeding, don't have anything definite in the follicle department yet, though Uranium might be just starting to change colors.

I'm in the process of building an incubator from scratch. I'll be taking photos and maybe even video of the construction, and once I'm done, those will be posted here.

--- January 1, 2012 ---

Happy New Year, everyone!

I've been pairing since October, and I've had at least one confirmed lock per pair so far. The only ones I'm not sure about are Bromine/Beryllium because her hide is opaque, so I can't see what they're doing. From all the outward signs, though, I'd be surprised if they haven't locked at least twice. Great way to start the season! (I've updated the Incubator page to include which snakes I'm pairing this year, in case anyone is curious.)

All the snakes are doing great, though most have stopped eating entirely. Bitey's remaining babies are eating like little pigs. I'm so glad they're all on f/t!

I will soon have all the equipment I need to begin doing shipping box temperature tests. I've been wanting to do temperature testing for both shipping containers and incubating eggs for analysis, and I'll finally be able to do that soon. The results will be posted on the Research pages (under the Information tab). Basically, what I plan to do is make up one of my normal shipping boxes, place a temperature probe both inside where the snake would be and on the outside of the styrofoam (with and without heat/cool packs), and place the box in a variety of locations at a variety of outdoor temperatures to see how quickly the internal temperature of the box changes. I'm hoping to use the results from this as a guide for when to use heat or cool packs when shipping snakes. Also, I'll be placing one or two temperature probes in with clutches of eggs to to see how hatching times are affected by different incubation temperatures.

--- October 10, 2011 ---

Hey, everyone! Not much going on here, really. Bitey's babies are eating and growing wonderfully!

I'm getting ready to start pairing again! I think I'll start putting males in with females in about a week! I need to do one more weight measurement on everyone and see where the girls are at. Looks like Uranium, Molybdenum, and Europium are definitely up to weight to breed; Irulan and Beryllium, however, are questionable at this point. Bitey is gaining her weight back enough to breed again, but I'd prefer to give her the year off.

--- August 22, 2011 ---

Bitey's eggs hatched! The odds weren't fantastic, but that's okay! Ended up with 1.1 VPI Axanthics and 3.2 hets. They're all beautiful little babies, if I do say so myself! While none have eaten as of yet (they just shed last week), I've already put them up on the available page, which I will update as they eat and grow.

I've been doing some data collection and research on both my snakes and others'. You can see what I've been up to on the new Research page.

The Terms and Conditions page has been updated. All changes are minor except for one: I've removed the no parasite guarantee. This is because several recent studies/publications have shown that many parasites are harmless and can even sometimes be beneficial (e.g., pinworms, some flagellates). This doesn't mean I'm going to introduce my snakes to parasites; on the contrary, I'm going to continue to keep them parasite-free if I can. And I am still willing to work with buyers who need to have their new snakes treated after they arrive (as long as proper quarantine proceedures are followed).

1. Infectious Diseases and Pathology of Reptiles: Color Atlas and Text, Elliot Jacobson (Ed.)
2. Reptile Medicine and Surgery, Douglas R. Mader, M.S., D.V.M.
  "Many of these [flagellated protozoa] have not been proven to be pathogens for their reptilian hosts."
3. A Veterinary Guide to the Parasites of Reptiles, Susan M. Barnard & Steve J. Upton.
  "Flagellates are often found in the intestinal lumen of most clinically healthy reptiles, and thus it is often difficult to attribute gastrointestinal disease of ill reptiles to the presence of flagellates in fecal samples. [...] It is possible that a predisposing environmental condition (such as suboptimal environmental temperatures), a social stressor, or an earlier or current presence of an infectious agent allows an abnormal bloom of flagellates within the gastrointestinal tract."

Thanks to my friend Kim for these references!

--- June 17, 2011 ---

Bitey laid her eggs! I was expecting five or six with maybe a slug or two in there, but she surprised me with seven beautiful pearly whites instead! All but one of the eggs had large, extensive veins everywhere. I was a little worried about one that looked mostly yellow with few veins, but I checked on it again tonight, and it has veins all over now. I guess that one was a little behind the others in development.

Yes, with eggs, the countdown clock gets reset, but I feel much better now that the clutch is on the ground.

--- May 31, 2011 ---

Well, Bitey should be laying sometime in the next couple weeks. It's been hard to figure out where she is in her cycle (still), but I'm pretty sure I feel eggs in there. If not, then I guess I won't be having any babies this year.... And that would make me a sad panda. I don't know why she wouldn't lay, though: she's still not interested in food in the slightest, she's been a cinnamon bun lately, and she locked up with Tungsten almost every time I put them together. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

In the meantime, I've updated a lot of photos on the Collection page.

--- March 24, 2011 ---

Everything is going well, so far! Though, despite how easy it is to palpate Bitey, I still don't quite know where she is in her cycle. She does appear to be glowing, which is a great sign, but I can't tell much other than that. If Irulan's cycle last year is typical, then she may have already ovulated and had her pre-lay shed. I don't really know, however...and it's driving me bonkers!

All the normals have sold (yay!), but a trade for one of the Lessers probably isn't going to happen, so I may have one of the female Lessers (#3) up for sale again soon.

I'd like to welcome Phosphorus to the table! He's a twin Piebald male--the second pair of twins from the same father in two years! I wanted to get into Clowns before Pieds, but I couldn't turn down the chance to have a twin project in the works. Can't wait until he and Helium are both ready for breeding! Helium was one of two sets of twins in the same clutch, so my Albino Pied project will also be a test to see if twinning is genetic.

The future is exciting!

--- January 13, 2011 ---

Happy New Year!

Things are going well around here. Tungsten and Bitey have locked several times over the past few months, and the baby snakes are growing like wildfire!

Speaking of which, I've updated pictures and info for the available snakes.

--- November 22, 2010 ---

Not much goin' on around here. I've paired Tungsten with Bitey (Iodine) twice, and they've locked both times, so the season's starting off well! It doesn't look like anyone else is going to be ready this year, though. Molybdenum is close, but I doubt she'll go.

I have updated the weights of the available snakes. Oh, and I've added a new snake to the collection: Argentum, a female VPI Axanthic!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

--- September 23, 2010 ---

I've updated weights and photos for all the available snakes!

Not really much else going on here at the moment. I won't begin pairing snakes until probably the end of October.

--- August 17, 2010 ---

This year's babies are now up for sale! Check out the Available page!

I've modified my ToS to include a time limit for my no-parasite guarantee. I realized it could easily be taken advantage of as it was previously worded.

I can hardly believe it's August already. That means I need to be thinking about which females will go for me next year. Bitey (Iodine) is almost guaranteed. I have a couple others who will reach the minimum weight in time, but they're only just over a year old, so I'm hesitant to try to breed them. I guess we'll see! Sometime in the next couple months, I'll replace the Incubating page with the possible breeding pairs for next year.

--- July 9, 2010 ---

Sorry for the lack of updates...and lack of babies for sale! I'm all set and ready to put them up for sale on the Available page. I just need to hear back from a couple people who have first dibs, and once that's all settled, I will put them up! Again, sorry for the delay!

I'm holding back one of the Lessers; she's now listed in my Collection under Rhodium (Rh).

--- June 5, 2010 ---

Irulan's eggs are hatching!!! Three are completely out of their eggs so far! Looks like I got three Lessers and five normals--not terrible odds! I was hoping for at least four of each, but it could've been a lot worse, so I shouldn't complain. I'll update the Incubating page with the sex ratios of the babies once I know them all. I haven't decided whether to hold back a female Lesser or not; I know at least one of the Lessers is female, but if she ends up being the only female Lesser, I'll probably sell her. We'll see.

It's going to be a little while before I list them for sale. For one, they need to shed first so their colors are accurate. Second, I'd like to get some food in them...though, I may list them before then, with the caveat that I will not ship before they've had at least three meals. The last bit--and the most problematic--is that I am not FedEx certified yet; I will need to be certified before I can ship any pythons. Hopefully, this won't cause too much of a delay.

It's been a great week here! Hope everyone else have been having a good time, too!

--- May 7, 2010 ---

All eight of Irulan's eggs are still looking good! I've seen the pre-snake goo moving since the first week, believe it or not! Just over four weeks until hatch time! Halfway there!! It'll be nice when I have more than one clutch so I don't have to sit here obsessing and biting my nails, waiting for this one clutch to hatch.

I managed to get Irulan to eat only a couple days after she laid, and she's eaten every week since then! She's already gained back half of the weight she lost from laying! Go Irulan!

All of my snakes should have updated pictures now. (Added W, Pd, Be, He.) I replaced Tungsten's picture because he's browned out a little bit, but I just can't get a good picture of him to save my life. He either ends up looking brown or close to the right color but completely washed out. I tried playing with the contrasts to get it closer to his real colors, but it didn't really work out so well. *sigh* I'll keep trying...maybe after he sheds again.

I've completed some of the Genetics 101 pages (under Info above) for anyone wanting to try their hand at Punnett squares.

--- April 8, 2010 ---

You may be wondering what's up with the clutch that was supposed to be laid in mid-March. My dear Irulan decided to take her sweet time, that's what! But she finally got the job done! To my surprise, she laid eight perfect, fertile eggs this morning! I estimate the earliest hatch date to be June 2 (55 days). But knowing Irulan, it'll probably be more like 65+ days. Silly girl!

But hey! She laid, the eggs look good, and she seems fine! Very thin and tired, poor girl, but fine! Can't ask for any more than that!

In other news, I've added two more snakes to the collection: Molybdenum and Titanium! Both are captive-hatched, and Titanium looks to be an Axanthic! I do not know if his color is genetic, and if it is, what other line(s) of Axanthic he may be compatible with. Molybdenum is a dark snake, and I'm very interested to know whether she passes on that darkness to her offspring. Only time will tell!
--- March 12, 2010 ---

Still waiting [im]patiently for eggs! Irulan should lay in a week, at the latest!

- Several snakes' photos have been updated (Fe, Eu, U, I).

- I have added a Code of Ethics page under the Information tab.

- My Terms & Conditions page has been modified to include a "Disclaimers" section. I've also added some minor clarifications in other sections.

- I've included a page in the Miscellaneous Photos section of the Information tab describing the intense color change that females undergo before ovulation (known as the "glow before they go").
--- February 20, 2010 ---

Irulan (Uus) had her pre-lay shed yesterday, and so the countdown to eggs begins! I'll try to keep y'all updated on her progress here, but if I forget, just keep checkin' the Incubator!

I realize that a lot of my snake pictures are out of date; I'm going to try to update those as soon as I can (i.e. as soon as I can get the snakes to sit still for more than a few femtoseconds).

I hope those of you breeding now will have a great season, and those who aren't, I hope you're having a great February!
--- January 12, 2010 ---

I have added two more snakes to the mix: Helium (a faded Albino female) and Bromine (a Genetic Stripe male). Their profiles have been added to the Collection page.

Irulan is in the "glow before they go" stage! I'm checking on her daily, impatiently waiting for ovulation. Y'know, I had trouble imagining female snakes changing color so much that it's noticeable...but not anymore! It's unmistakable! Even one of my friends asked me if she was the same snake!
--- December 31, 2009 ---

Happy New Year, everyone! We are finally live!! Sorry for the delay; things have been kind of busy.

If anyone has issues viewing the site, please let me know. I've tested it on several different browsers, and the only one that I cannot get to work properly is Opera. My apologies to Opera users; I will try to rectify this as soon as I can.

Irulan, my normal female (bred to Iridium, a Lesser Platinum), is developing follicles! I will keep everyone updated on her status!

And now, prepare to witness the power of this fully-operational website!

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