Irulan's Glow

Up to several weeks before ovulation, females go through an intense color change known by many breeders as the "glow before they go." This typically occurs after the pre-ovulation shed, though the timescale of both the pre-ovulation shed and the glow varies from snake to snake. Irulan, here, had her pre-ovulation shed three months before ovulation, and her glow did not become obvious until at least three weeks before ovulation.

The glow manifests as a lightening of the snake's normal colors, often making the female look like a Ghost/Hypo or a Fire...or maybe even something completely different! But trust me, you will know when she's glowing! When I first noticed, I wasn't sure if maybe I was just seeing things; then a friend came over, got her out, and went, "Wait, did I grab the right snake?!"

Here are some "before and after" pictures of Irulan to give you an idea of just how intense the color change can be. This one is before the glow (shortly after the first introduction of Iridium) in October 2009:

This is when I realized that I wasn't just seeing things (January 2010):

Notice how her pattern is almost green now, she is blushing all over the place, and there are no traces of black anywhere on her anymore.

After ovulation, her colors slowly returned to normal.

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