Periodic Table Pythons Code of Ethics

We here at Periodic Table Pythons are committed to producing ball pythons without sacrificing the well-being of our snakes. The health and happiness of our pythons come before anything else, and we feel this includes methods which may not be convenient or inexpensive for us (and which may or may not be common practice for other breeders).

--- We never put down animals by putting them in the freezer or by any other methods that have been shown to be inhumane. Sometimes it is necessary to euthanize a python, whether it be a birth defect or severe illness, and in order for the snake to feel the least amount of discomfort possible, we take the animal to our local reptile vet to be put down properly. The only exception to this rule would be when the snake is clearly in pain and suffering, where waiting to take the snake to the vet would be more cruel than, say, putting the snake in the freezer.

See this AMVA article (pages 23 & 24) for more information on accepted euthanasia methods for reptiles.

--- We never euthanize animals unless absolutely necessary. If a defect does not interfere with a snake's ability to eat, drink, etc., it deserves a chance at life. We believe that euthanization should be a last resort, used only to end needless suffering.

--- Normals or low-cost morphs are treated the same as expensive morphs. Each snake is a tiny, unique life, and they deserve respect even if they lost the genetic lottery.

--- We never breed siblings to siblings or offspring to their parents. While it supposedly takes several generations of inbreeding ball pythons to produce fatal genetic defects, we believe inbreeding should be kept to a minimum in order to keep the gene pool as diverse as possible. The only exception to this rule is for genetically proving new or unknown morphs (called "line breeding"), for which there is no other alternative.

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