Who are we?

Well, technically, it's just me. I am now a postdoc in astronomy, though I have loved creepy crawlies my whole life. I grew up out in the country in Indiana, which was full of neat insects, toads, snakes, and crayfish. I even raised monarch butterflies for several years. (I wonder if my parents are still fighting off the milkweed infestation of the garden after I planted them there. Hee hee.)

Unfortunately, my mother was (and still is) deathly afraid of snakes, so I was never able to keep them. I did have some anoles for a year or two when I was young (one of them I brought with me from Florida--imagine trying to get one of those on a plane now). I knew I would have to wait until I moved away before I could satisfy my desire for a pet snake.

In undergrad, I began my foray into herpetoculture when my roommate and I decided to get a pair of leopard geckos. We fell in love with their crazy antics and unique personalities. A year after moving to Tucson for grad school, I discovered a flyer for a reptile show--something I had never heard of before. I trundled off to the show, and several hours of drooling and chatting to different breeders about different kinds of snakes reminded me just how much I loved snakes. After inquiring as to whether my mother truly wouldn't come to visit if I got a snake (she reluctantly decided she still would), I brought home Irulan, a normal female ball python.

I don't fully understand why, but ball pythons fascinate me more than any other snake I've ever encountered. They are such gentle creatures, with a wide variety of personalities and color morphs (not to mention the ability to give wonderful neck massages). As I slowly increased my collection of reptiles, I finally began to understand the saying, "Reptiles are like potato chips:  you can never have just one!" At the time of this writing, I have bearded dragons, leopard geckos, fat-tail geckos, a Brazilian rainbow boa, a green tree python, and, of course, a pile of ball pythons.

I had Irulan for nearly three years before I decided to get into breeding, which started when I saw the most beautiful Lesser I'd ever seen on Kingsnake. Some bargaining (and a couple months) later, I had Iridium, and it pretty much snowballed from there. I love the animals, and I absolutely adore seeing those little noses poking out of their eggs! I hope that through keeping and breeding these wonderful creatures, I can educate others about snakes while providing quality morphs for collectors, breeders, and pet enthusiasts alike. I consider all my reptiles my "children," and I treat them as such, giving them as much care and attention as I possibly can.

I thank you very much for visiting my humble site, and I hope that even if you don't like snakes all that much, you leave this site with a better appreciation for them and those crazy lunatics who keep or breed them.

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