Morph Pastel Genetic Stripe
Sex Male
Genetics Co-Dominant, Simple Recessive
Date of Birth Sept. 1, 2013
Breeder Forktongue Farms
The Snake Sulfur is beyond a sweetie; he's such a cuddlebug that he's even surpassed Titanium as my sweetest snake. Almost every time I go into the snake room, he's at the front of his tub, begging to be let out. I don't usually time how long my snakes will sit with me, but he curled up around my neck and camped out there with me for five hours one night. His extreme cuddliness is almost baffling.
The Element Sulfur is a yellow element usually associated with volcanic activity. It has a pungeant, recognizable odor that's so strong I have to keep my sample of it wrapped tightly in a paper bag to keep it from stinking up the entire room.


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